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                                   WELCOME to PROPARAZZI!

We rent unique and authentic ANTIQUE and VINTAGE architectural elements, furniture, upholstered seating, trunks, tables, chairs, props, and table accessories. Our fabulous, varied, and quickly growing collection not limited to but reflects rustic farm, art decor glamour, European country, and classic Victorian decor. We love to share ideas as to how our inventory can be used and if we don’t have what you are looking for, we will gladly use our resources to help locate appropriate pieces. Using our selection of finely curated timeworn objects promises to create interest, and bring elegance, sophistication and thematic styling to your wedding, corporate gathering, or other private event! We have many UNIQUE vintage one of a kind pieces, all hand picked filled with history and OH the stories they could tell!! They are just waiting here for you, to help make your SPECIAL day as unique as you are! We also LOVE working with photographers to STYLE scenes to represent your personal style and originality! 

                                “YOU DREAM IT…I’LL THEME IT”
                            Thank you for your interest & SUPPORT!
                                          Blessings, Cynthia Kovatch












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